If you are Omega, you Might be Alpha

alpha and omega


Everyone knows what an omega is right? You are basically everyone’s bitch.

No one wants to be a bitch. But after doing a lot of research I’ve come across an amazing discovery. All omegas are actually alphas.

Let me explain. First, lets look at animals.

Omega Animals

You have to throw out wolves in your understanding of human social hierarchy. Why? Because there are no alphas in a wolf pack. All the alphas researches had been studying are actually just the parents of the pack.

So what animals have alphas for us to study?


In the book A Primate’s Memoir: A Neuroscientist’s Unconventional Life Among the Baboons, the author does a deep analysis of primates who have plenty of free time (like humans). In their free time, they socialize and figure out who the top dog is (like humans) in their own way.

The baboons were mean as shit to the guy lowest on the totem pole (the omega) at times for no reason at all.

But there was a reason. He used to be the Alpha. They loved giving him shit since he was no longer top dog. 

Omega Humans

In studying humans on my own, I’ve noticed something too: most omegas are alphas.

Omegas are often alphas, but just in the wrong group or culture. 

And they hate you for that. They know you are top dog in a certain group. That you could have it easy, be respected, and most important of all have all the mating rights with the right culture.

And that last reason is why they hate you. So they want to CRUSH YOU (get inside your head, create bad memories for a life time) as competition before you take your position of power.

Betas don’t have a reason to be complete dicks to other betas. It is more beneficial for them to partner up. Especially, against you.

So if you are everyone’s bitch, leave. Go find out where you are alpha. It maybe the next CEO of Facebook, rockstar of a band, your own harem, or whatever.

Just go find your alpha!


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